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GCH Olentangy Rainman Travertine 3*M  A/I

Born: 4/07/2003
Pictured as a three Year-Old, 3rd lactation 

     SS: ++*B SGCH New Era's Kane
Sire: ++*B Redwood Hills Kane Rainman

     SD: Redwood Hills Sasin Rainbow 6*M

++*B GCH Clovertop’s Fire Storm 
Dam: GCH Olentangy Fiery Tanzania 2*M 
     DD: GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Tanzanite *M

PTI:  -1  +23

Linear Appraisal:
4-04  90/V E V E
3-02  90/V E E E
2-02  90/V E E E
1-05  87/V E V V
0-03  VG/V E E

4-00 194 1,930   66F 55P
3-00 234 2,300   92F 65P
2-00 305 2,600 117F 83P
1-03 118    660  33F 21P

Show Record:
2007 shown 4X: 4x 2nd
2006 Reserve All-American 3 Year-Old
2005 ADGA National Show 12th 2 Year-Old

2004 Reserve All-American Milking Yearling
2003 ADGA National Show 13th Junior Kid
2003 Reserve All-American Junior Kid

A long, tall, and elegant silver chamoisee, RAINY has great promise. As kid, she had a competitive show season resulting in Reserve All-American behind TOPAZOLITE. Allowing her extra time to grow before breeding her for a late freshening, she was junior champion at the EDGA show as a springing yearling for her first championship win. She freshened in late July with a small but well-attached mammary system. She was 1st/1st udder at the Jackson County, Evergreen State and Western Washington Fairs.

As a two year-old her production more than doubled and at the shows, she's been one of the largest does competing. Her second championship win was over 46 senior does at the Central Oregon DGA including a class of 21 two year-olds. At the Spokane National Show, despite not being full, she was 12th and paired with big sister TRONA, they were 3rd produce of dam. She had a long and impressive show season competing against GCH CHALCEDONY and GCH AUTUMN when she placed 2nd or 3rd (see above). She ended the year on a high note, winning her class in Gridley, CA over the National Show class winner!

She finished her championship at her first show of 2006 (age 3), appraised Excellent for a second, consecutive year in June and finished the season with an exciting Best of Breed title at the Western Washington Fair over TSAVOLITE. She has become an excellent brood doe as well with daughters SAPPHIRE and TEGRA both finishing their championships in 2010.

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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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