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SG Olentangy Synergic Tooeleite 5*M

Broken Chamoisee, blaze        Born: 6/23/2010
Pictured as a long milking yearling     (May 2012)

     SS: *B Tempo Aquila Fortune Tribute
*B Redwood Hills Tribute Synergy  VG87

     SD: SGCH Redwood Hills F. Sebastienne 11*M  EX93

     DS: ++*B SGCH Milar Farm Royal Image EX90
Dam: GCH Olentangy Image Tegra 4*M EX92
GCH Olentangy Rainman Travertine 3*M  EX90

      DDD: GCH Olentangy Fiery Tanzania 2*M  VG89
GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Tanzanite 1*M

PTI:  +65  +102 ~ November 2012

Linear Appraisal:
2-02 VG89/V V V E
1-00 VG/V V V
1-08  305  2,530  97F 77P

Show Record:
Career: 1x BIS, 2x GCH
2012 shown 3X: 1x 1st, 2x 2nd
2011 Reserve All-American Senior Yearling
2011 shown 4X: 1x BIS, 2x GCH; 2x 1st

TOOELEY is our largest doe in stature and length of body having tremendous frame for her age. She has an excellent topline, good substance of bone and an improved front-end over her dam. Her mammary is deceiving in capacity as she peaked at 11.7 pounds even though any photo of her doesn't look like it...she has excellent texture and milks-down well.

Born in late June, she was only shown at the Washington State Fair as a kid where she was 2nd. As a senior yearling, her impressive size and angularity were awarded with championship wins at the Evergreen State Fair and Idaho SYRINGA DGA where she was also Best in Show. As a yearling milker she was shown one weekend (pictured above) placing first one time. We look forward to the added capacity that a second freshening will provide to help visually balance her mammary out to her overall size and scale.

TOOELEY ~ 2011 as a senior yearling

Fall Breeding Plan:
A/I Breeding:                ++*B GCH Clovertop's Fire Storm
2013 Preordered Kids:   $600 bucks or $650 does, confirmed bred & due late-March, kid ETA: +13 +0

Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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