Olentangy Fiery Timbal 6*M  A/I

Dark Chamoisee, Blaze                Born: 3/20/2013
Pictured as milking yearling @ Washington State Fair

     SS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Wildfire
Sire: ++*B GCH Clovertop’s Fire Storm  VG85
     SD: GCH Clovertop’s Gene Sashay 2*M

    DS: +*B SG Redwood Hills Tribute Synergy  VG87
Dam:  SG Olentangy Synergy Tooeleite 5*M  VG88
GCH Olentangy Image Tegra 4*M  EX92

         DDD: GCH Olentangy Rainman Travertine 3*M  EX90
            DDDD: GCH Olentangy Fiery Tanzania 2*M  VG89
GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Tanzanite *M

PTI:  -43   +2 ~ December 2015
PTI:  -64   +3 ~ August 2015
PTI:  -22 +24 ~ December 2014
ETA:  +3  -31 ~ November 2013

Linear Appraisal:
2-02  VG88/V V V E
1-04  VG86/V V V +
1-11  275  2,510  90F  63P
1-02  205  1,190  43F  34P

Show Record:
2015 ADGA National Show 7th place 2 year-old
2014 Shown 2X: 1x 3rd, 1x 5th
~3rd Milking Yearling @ Washington State Fair
~5th Milking Yearling @ San Diego County Fair
2013 Shown 2X; 1x GCH
~Evergreen State Fair Junior Champion

MONSTER is a shy 2nd freshening 2 year-old with similarities to many of her paternal sisters, which we are thrilled to have a FIRE STORM daughter back in the herd! As a kid, she earned her first championship leg at the Evergreen State Fair for her strong feet & legs.

She freshened in May 2014 with the mammary system that STORM so consistently has provided for us over the years...ideal teat size & placement and beautiful rear udder height & arch. Also consistent, is the mediocre first freshening production...which is of no concern because history has shown us in GCH ALMANDINE, GCH AUTUNITE, GCH ADULARIA and several others, the milk will be there next year. She was 3rd place milking yearling at the Washington State Fair to end the season.

No surprise in our breeding program, we have bred her AI to FORTUNE, a cross that has produced our best does ever...these kids are more than 3/4 full siblings to; SGCH TRONA EX92, SGCH TSAVER EX92, SGCH CHRYSTIN EX93, and GCH CINNABRE EX92! Lucky for us, she had a beautiful doe from the breeding and we are considering doing it again for 2016!


TOOELEITE as a long-milking-yearling         TIMBAL                      TIMBAL as a kid               

          TIMBAL 2014               


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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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