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SGCH Olentangy Yukon Tellingly 9*M

LINGLY @ 2019 National Show

Color:  Broken Cou Clair                       Born: 2/11/2017
Pictured as a 3 Year-Old in June 2020

     SS:  ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90
Sire: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack
     SD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay 6*M  EX93

     DS: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91
Dam: SGCH Olentangy Lance Tellurocker 8*M  EX92
SGCH Olentangy Aparition Tellurite 7*M
        DDD:  SG Olentangy WRW Tellurium 6*M  VG89
        DDDD: SGCH Olentangy Snapple Tellurian 5*M  EX90
          DDDDD: SGCH Olentangy High Tennantite 4*M  EX91
                DDDDDD: SGCH Olentangy Fortune Trona 3*M  EX92

PTI:  +203  +183 ~December 2020     PTI:  +189  +163 ~August 2020
PTI:  +118  +117 ~December 2019     PTI:    +90   +80 ~August 2019 
PTI:  +106   +88  ~December 2018     
ETA:    +61  +48  ~August 2018
ETA:    +37  +15  ~August 2017

Linear Appraisal:
2019: 2-04  EX92/E E E E

2018: 1-05  VG87/V V V V
3-01  305  4,442  180F 122P
2-01  239  3,110  116F   86P
1-02  276  2,698    91F  75P

Show Record: 
2020 shown 4X: 2x BIS, 3x BOB, 4x BU; 3x 1st/1st udder
2019 shown 5X: 3x BIS, 2x BOB, 1x GCH; 5x 1st/1st udder
~1/1U 2 Year-Old @ 2019 ADGA National Show
~2019 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder
~2/2U 2 Year-Old @ Washington State Fair
~2019 All-American 2 Year-Old
2018 shown 6X: 1x GCH, 1x RGCH; 5x 1st
~1/1U Milking Yearling @
 Utah State Fair
~2/2U Milking Yearling @ Washington State Fair
~2018 All-American Milking Yearling
2017 shown 5X: 2x GCH; 5x 1st
~1st Senior Kid @ ADGA National Show
~1st Senior Kid @ Washington State Fair
~1st Senior Kid & GCH @ Minnesota State Fair

LINGLY is a broken-cou clair, third freshening three year-old that excels in dairy strength & length of bone pattern. She was undefeated in her class as a kid including the ADGA National Show in Madison, Wisconsin. She was 1st/1st udder milking yearling at the 2018 District VII Specialty Show the only weekend we showed her in the spring. Pictured above, she was 1st/1st udder at the Utah State Fair where she earned her first milking championship in the club show ring over TEEMANT! 

As a two year-old, she freshened with a single buck kid and at first, not a lot of milk. That was short-lived and she came into an impressive amount of milk that she finished her championship with a Best in Show win and some memorable comments by ADGA Judge Daniel Considine. At the ADGA National Show she shined winning her class and then was named Reserve Best Udder Alpine. It's been 10 years since my first-ever Senior doe class win at a National Show (CHRYSTIN in 2009) and I think I've finally surpassed her with LINGLY.

She has a wonderful disposition and our 2nd highest USDA percentile for a production evaluation of any Alpine I have ever bred at 92%...just 3% short of qualifying for ELITE status! Her mammary has ideal teat placement, udder floor shape and rear udder height & arch. Combined with her dairyness and will to milk, I feel she is an excellent candidate to keep a buck from in 2021, and we are breeding her accordingly so that we can. 



Breeding Plans for 2021 Kids:
A/I Breeding:                      
+*B Olentangy OAA Chimay  DNA  2019 ADGA National Show Premier Sire

Preordered Kids:                  $1,500 each, no doe kids will be available

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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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