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Olentangy Fortune Tellemarkit  A/I

Broken Chamoisee                    Born: 3/14/2014
Pictured is her dam as a 2011 kid

     SS:  ++*B SG Redwood Hills Savvy Journey
Sire: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90
     SD: GCH Redwood Hills Odyssey Finesse *M

    DS: +*B SGCH Olentangy Fiery Aparition  EX90
Dam: SGCH Olentangy Aparition Tellurite 7*M  EX92
       DD:  SG Olentangy WRW Tellurium 6*M  VG89
       DDD: SGCH Olentangy Snapple Tellurian 5*M  EX90
          DDDD: SGCH Olentangy High Tennantite 4*M  EX91
                DDDDD: SGCH Olentangy Fortune Trona 3*M  EX92

PTI:   +28  +96 ~ December 2015
ETA:  +59  +35 ~ August 2015
ETA:  +54  +32 ~ December 2014
ETA:  +41    -5
~ March 2014

Linear Appraisal:
2015: 1-03  VG87/V E E V
2014: 0-05  VG/V + V
1-02  209  1,320  45F  38P

Show Record: 
2015 ADGA National Show 5th Milking Yearling
2014 Shown 1X: 1x 1st
~1st Intermediate Kid @ San Diego County Fair; Del Mar, CA

MARKIT is our latest FORTUNE daughter and another B1G gene carrier of the TELL line. She is our largest yearling with beautiful dairy style and angularity. She freshened in late May, just 14 days before our appraisal session and still scored a very respectable VG87 with EX front & rear legs. Her mammary system is much more capacious now than when scored and her medial & teat placement scores are now more towards the center of those traits because of the increased mammary capacity.

Her doe kid was the 2015 ADGA National Show Alpine raffle kid won by Madison Hoy of Lucky*Star Farm! We are thrilled that she has a great home where performance program testing is utilized! MARKIT placed 5th at the National Show for her only showing (thus far) of the year. We are excited that she has settled A/I to the 2015 ADGA National Show Premier Sire, X-RATED.

            RITE as a senior yearling in 2012                         TELLURIUM as a milking yearling in 2010


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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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