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GCH Olentangy Image Tegra 4*M

Broken, Silver Chamoisee, blaze        Born: 5/05/2006
Pictured as a 3rd freshening 5 Year-Old     (June 2011)

     SS: ++*B SGCH Cherry Glen TRI Alice Aladdin  EX91
++*B SGCH Milar Farm Royal Image  EX90

     SD: SGCH Exemplr Royal Ferina 1*M  EX93

++*B Redwood Hills Kane Rainman
Dam: GCH Olentangy Rainman Travertine 3*M  EX90

     DD: GCH Olentangy Fiery Tanzania 2*M  VG89
GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Tanzanite 1*M

PTI:  +12  +76 ~ November 2012
PTI:  +25  +83 ~ November 2011

Linear Appraisal:
5-01  EX92/E E E E
4-03  EX91/V E E E
4-11  280  2,520  115F 83P
4-01  191  1,610    67F 49P
1-10  212  1,570    73F 40P

Show Record:
Career: 4x BIS, 2x BUIS, 8x BOB, 4x GCH, 2x RGCH
2011 Shown 12X: 6x BIS, 7x BOB, 1x GCH; 8x 1st
 ~District VII Specialty Best of Breed, BU & BUIS
 ~Thurston County Fair Best of Breed
 ~Western Idaho Fair Best of Breed & Best in Show
 ~Evergreen State Fair Best of Breed
 ~Oregon State Fair 1st/1st udder aged doe & GCH
2010 Reserve All-American 4 Year-Old

ARGET (TEGRA spelled backwards) returned to the herd in the summer of 2009 since leaving as a kid. She was a gift to my friends who do my chores when I'm away. When they decided to reduce their herd, I was more than happy to have her back. She is a large doe with a beautiful, long & wide rump and a pleasing dairy bone-pattern.

She really is the dairy goat version of the ugly duckling turned to swan story. How fortunate we are to have her back! Although her teats are slightly larger than ideal, her mammary is stunning. She has the highest rear udder in the herd with an ideal medial & teat placement and a capacious fore udder. Never shown until 2010, she isn't used to travelling like the other does-doesn't eat and losses a lot of bloom. None-the-less, she finished her championship at our last show of the season winning Champion, Best of Breed & Best Udder all over CHRYSTIN under the 2010 ADGA National Show Alpine consultant judge, what a feat!

Now a mature doe, she has finally freshened at a "normal" time of the year and is using that to her showring advantage. She was Best Doe in Show twice at the Idaho Syringa weekend over 179 senior does and the leading part of our Best Dairy Herd in Show award-winning group that also won twice. At the District VII Alpine Specialty show in June, she was Best of Breed, Best Udder and Best Udder in Show twice over 190 senior does! During the fair season she Best Doe in Show at the Western Idaho Fair over 300 does. She took 2012 off from being shown or milked because of an unexplained illness after freshening. We are very happy that she has recovered over the summer and now is in breeding-shape and has settled to a proven FORTUNE son.

GCH Olentangy Archer Sapphire 4*M  Olentangy Image Tivoli 4*M
   GCH Olentangy Archer Sapphire 4*M               SG Olentangy Image Tivoli 4*M  VG89
  Tegra's maternal 1/2 sister                                          Tegra's littermate sister

2013 Status:
Natural Breeding:             +*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack  EX91  ELITE SIRE
Freshened 3/28/2013:      No Kids available

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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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