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SGCH Olentangy Accolade Teemant 5*M

Color: Chamoisee, Cream Legs                 Born: 5/26/2016
Pictured as a 3rd freshening 4 Yr-Old  in 2020


     SS:  ++*B GCH Colquitt's Andretti  EX91
Sire: +*B GCH Olentangy Andretti Accolade  EX90
SD: GCH Olentangy Yukon Adelite 7*M  EX92

     DS: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91
Dam: SGCH Olentangy Lance Teepleite 4*M  EX92
       DD: SGCH Olentangy Fortune Trona 3*M  EX92 

          DDD: GCH Olentangy Fiery Tanzania 2*M  VG89
GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Tanzanite 1*M

PTI:   +120 +156 ~December 2020
PTI:   +110 +151 ~October 2020 *Type base change*
PTI:   +101 +132 ~August 2020 *Production base change*
PTI:     +54  +98 ~December 2019
PTI:     +57  +99 ~August 2019  *Achieved SG status*
PTI:     +37  +89 ~December 2018

Linear Appraisal:
5-00  EX92/E E E E
3-00  EX90/V E V E
2-01  VG89/V E E E

3-09  305  3,900  141F 103P
2-09  252  3,610  117F   94P
1-09  305  3,629  112F   97P
Show Record: 
2021 Shown 1X:
~3rd/2nd udder 5-6 Year-Old @ ADGA National Show
2020 Shown 4X: 1x BIS, 1x BOB; 1x 1st, 3x 2nd in Champion Challenge
2019 Shown 2X:
~10th 3 Year-Old @ ADGA National Show
~2nd/2nd udder 3 Yr-Old @ Washington State Fair
2018 Shown 10X: 1x GCH, 1x RGCH; 4x 1st, 2x 2nd
~2nd/2U 2 Yr-Old @ Washington State Fair
~1st/1U 2 Yr-Old & RGCH @ Utah State Fair
2017 Shown 9X: 1x GCH, 1x RGCH
~2017 ADGA Junior National Champion
~1st Junior Yearling @ ADGA National Show
~1st Senior Yearling & RGCH @ Minnesota State Fair
~2nd Senior Yearling @ Washington State Fair

TEEMANT is our third BUTTERFLY daughter (pictured below; SGCH Teemant, GCH Temir, SGCH Timantti) and combines some of the best traits from our A and T doe lines. She is a third freshening 4 year-old in 2020 and has been slow to put-on weight after kidding each year. Each month she has looked better and is milking well (our first ACCOLADE milking daughter) and peaked at 20.2 pounds! 

As a kid, she was only shown at the Washington State Fair where she won the late Junior Kid class. She grew-well over the winter and was named ADGA Junior National Champion as a Junior Yearling in Madison Wisconsin where her dam was the Senior Champion! She freshened with a stellar mammary and the beautiful dairy strength of her dam. I was pleased that by September she had finally started to deepen and finished her championship at the Utah State Fair with a Reserve Champion win behind ARANY. I love her dairy style and the correctness of her front end and front & rear legs.

She has had outstanding lactations each year and her PTIs at each evaluation continue to rise. In 2020 she had a single buck and her best body depth to-date and still is projected at 4,000 pounds! I was thrilled when this hard working doe was finally rewarded with her first Best in Show title at the Josephine County Fair in Grants Pass, OR last summer.




2021 Status:
Natural Breeding:             
*B Tempo Aquila MasterCraftsman  DNA Typed
Freshened 5/10/2021:    No kids available until 2022

Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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