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*B Olentangy Lance Tahoma

Born: 12/22/2009               Chamoise
Pictured as a junior yearling    

     SS: ++*B SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image  EX90
++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91
     SD: GCH des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker 4*M  EX92

     DS: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90  ELITE SIRE
Dam: SGCH Olentangy Fortune Trona 3*M  EX92
     DD: GCH Olentangy Fiery Tanzania 2*M  VG89
GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Tanzanite 1*M

DNA TYPED, Parentage Verified

Linear Appraisal:
3-06  EX91/E E E
0-07  VG/V Ec V
Show Record:
2010 shown 7X: 1x RGCH, 4x JrCH; 7x 1st
USDA Sire Summary Info:
D/AV  2,428  84F  70P  FS-86
PTI:  -24  +2 ~ August 2014

TAHOMA was our 2010 ADGA Spotlight Sale consignment. He was a large December buckling with strong feet & legs and great substance of bone. His sire is the famed FREELANCE, the 2009 ADGA National Show Premier Sire who sired the first place 2 & 3 year-olds and had the first place senior get-of-sire. His dam, TRONA, is our herd matriarch at age twelve. TRONA daughters have been valuable members of my show string, all with great general appearance and productive mammaries with wonderful dispositions. Her five daughters presented below are all show winners, three are champions themselves and two more have at least one championship leg.

Our thanks to Lauren L Acton, Tempo Alpines of Mollala, Oregon for purchasing TAHOMA at the Tucson, Arizona Spotlight Sale for $1,350.

TAHOMA's Young Stock Appraisal scores:
Head - VG, Shoulder Assembly - VG, Front Legs - Ec, Rear Legs - VG, Feet - VG, Back - VG, Rump - Ec


TRONA daughters from 5 different sires

SGCH Olentangy Guy Noir Aravis 4*M EX90      SGCH Olentangy High Tennantite 4*M EX91
     Sire: +*B SGCH Cherry Glen Handel Guy Noir  VG89                     Sire: ++*B GCH Cherry Glen Radical Highlight  EX91         

    Olentangy Rainman Tilleyite 4*M VG88          Olentangy Livestrong Tanatar         SGCH Olentangy Lance Teepleite 4*M EX92       
        Sire: ++*B Redwood Hills Kane Rainman                Sire: +*B GCH Redwood Hills Lance Armstrong                   Sire: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91  

TAHOMA's dam:
SGCH Olentangy Fortune Trona 3*M
2007 All-American 5 & Under 7 Year-Old
2007 ADGA National Show 5th 5-6 Year-Old
2005 ADGA National Show 5th 3 Year-Old
2005 Reserve All-American 3 Year-Old
2002 All-American Intermediate Kid 
LIFETIME  1,658  13,470  496F  399P ip
6-02 EX92/EEEE
PTI:  +61  +157~August 2014


Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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