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+*B SG Redwood Hills Tribute Synergy

Born: 5/24/2009               Color: Chamoise
Pictured as a yearling 

     SS: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90
++*B Tempo Aquila Fortune Tribute  
     SD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay 5*M  EX93

     DS: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91
Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M 
     DD: SG Redwood Hills Journey Shalimar 10*M  VG89

Semen Available: $75/straw

PTI: +52  +67 ~December 2020 *new base change*

PTI: +48  +71 ~August 2016 **Earned SG Status**

DNA TYPED & Sire Qualified

Linear Appraisal:
1-02  VG87/V V V
Show Record:
2010 shown 7X: 1x GCH, 1x RGCH; 1x 1st, 3x 2nd
2010 All-American Yearling Buck
USDA Sire Summary Info:
D/AV 2,968  97F  82P  FS-87
~December 2020

SYNERGY was a herdsire that was many years spent waiting to be born! He was an extremely large buck, easily the tallest buck I've ever owned, with an excellent rump and a wide rear leg set. His pedigree tied back into my herd perfectly as a paternal FORTUNE grandson.

His dam, SEBASTIENNE, was an exemplary doe that I have been enamored by since the 2006 California State Fair. She exemplified dairy character, levelness of topline and upstandingness with outstanding production. Her dam line is linebred on GCH Redwood Hills Profet Safari 5*M - the 1991 ADGA National Champion, and appears five times in his pedigree.

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to use him in different combinations with my ARMSTRONG and FORTUNE daughters. His daughters have inherited his extreme length of bone pattern with 4 first freshening two year-old daughters appraised in 2012 scoring; 88,88,87,89...they are off to a great start!


SYNERGY's dam:
SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M
2007 ADGA National Show 2nd/2nd udder 3 Yr-old

1-11  305  3660  3.7 134  2.8 102   TOP TEN
         362  4220  3.6 150  2.8 119
3-01  271  3530  3.3 117  2.9 101
3-11  305  3910  3.3 128  2.7 106   TOP TEN
         373  4460  3.3 148  2.7 122
LIFE 1006 12210  3.4 415  2.8 342
4-04 EX93/EEEE

PTI:  +87  +79 ~8/2016

photo courtesy of Redwood Hill Farm

photo courtesy of Redwood Hill Farm

Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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