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Marran Russian Reconnaissance

Color: Chamoise, wattles                      Born: 3/06/2016
Pictured as a yearling     
DNA Typed, Parentage Qualified

     SS:  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack  EX91  ELITE SIRE
Sire: Marran Jack Russell
     SD: Marran Rapture's Royal

     DS: Marran Kabul Aviator
Dam: CH Marran Russian Roulette
Marran Rapture's Rapsody
           DDD: CH Nodaway SGG Raya's Rapture '13 Nat'l RGCH
             DDDD: GCH Nodaway DW Raya 2*M

Alpha s1 Casein:    E / E


Linear Appraisal:
2017: 1-03  G+81/+ + +
2016: 0-05  VG/V Ec V    Ec: Head & Rear Legs 
Show Record: 
2017: Shown 3X: 3x 2nd
2016: Shown 1X: 1x 2nd 

RECON was a junior herdsire from Mary & Randy Adamson's Wisconsin MARRAN dairy. While looking for something new to take our breeding program forward, I was impressed with a produce of dam group class that I judged at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair. It was ROULETTE's winning produce that were the first place milking yearling (Journey) & 2 year-olds (Ryleigh). They both had the rumps and loin width that I was looking for while sacrificing nothing in front ends and mammary strengths. When they said they were going to repeat the RYLEIGH breeding, that was all I needed to place a deposit.

When you look at his pedigree listed above, it has changed and he is not a full sister to RYLEIGH afterall. Instead, he is much more related to our doe-lines than anticipated being a YUKON JACK grandson and his SDS is the littermate brother to no outcross buck for us to use for the time being  :-(

We strongly encourage & advocate for all registered bucks to be DNA typed. Innocent mistakes happen and this is NOT written to be negative in any way towards RECON's breeders...I just really wanted a ROCHESTER son instead of a buck so closely related to ACCOLADE who is in our current breeding program (and 2 other buck kids that we have already ordered for the future)'s an expensive lesson when purchasing outside stock.


Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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