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2018 ALPINE Planned Breedings
Far, left-hand column are all of the does in our herd that are bred for 2018 kiddings, the next column is who they are bred to.
Delivery to the 2018 ADGA National Show in Columbus, Ohio is NOT an option. I am one of the judges & that would be unethical!


A/I or Natural Service Sire

2018 Doe Kid Price

2018 Buck
Kid Price

Orders / Month Due or Freshening Date

SGCH Olentangy Lance Teepleite 4*M  EX92  DNA

*B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA



1B: Open for 2018

SGCH Olentangy Lance Chrysocolla 5*M  EX93  DNA

*B CH Olentangy Andretti Accolade  EX90  DNA



March 2, 2018

SGCH Olentangy Fortune Tabasheer 6*M  EX92  DNA *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA



Open for 2018

GCH Olentangy Lance Miss Ruby Chip 7*M  VG85  DNA *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA $850 $850 1D: Due May *
SGCH Olentangy Lance Tellurocker 8*M  EX92  DNA

SGCH Marran Rose's Rochester  DNA  ELITE SIRE



March 4, 2018

GCH Olentangy X-Rated Chippendale 8*M  EX92  DNA ++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro 



March 9, 2018

GCH Olentangy Speeding Timantti 5*M  EX90 DNA

++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack  EX91  DNA



1D: April 7, 2018

GCH Olentangy Andretti Arany 8*M EX92  DNA *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA   NFS $900

2B, 1D: Due May *

GCH Olentangy Lance Cadmio 8*M  VG89-FF  DNA *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA N/A N/A 1D: April 19, 2018
Olentangy Aparition Tantalita 6*M  VG89-FF  DNA *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA 2D @ $700 N/A 1D: May 17, 2018
Olentangy Speeding Ambra  A/I *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA N/A N/A 1D: April 25, 2018
Olentangy Gene Tabbyite 7*M  A/I *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA N/A 2B @ $650 May 16, 2018
Olentangy CA Chip O' The Block  A/I *B CH Olentangy Andretti Accolade  EX90  DNA N/A N/A February 20, 2018
Olentangy Accolade Teemant *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA N/A N/A February 28, 2018
Olentangy Yukon Tellingly  A/I *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA N/A N/A 1D: April 28, 2018
Olentangy Andretti Tinnkis  A/I  DNA *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA $550 $550 Due May *
Olentangy Andretti Tanzanion  A/I *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA $500 $500 Due August *
Olentangy Andretti Chrysoberyl  A/I *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA $500 $500 Due August *
Olentangy Recon Arzen *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA $500 $500 1D: Due August *
NFS = Not For Sale * = confirmed bred Orders do not reflect kids that will be retained for our own breeding program.

2018 LaMANCHA Breeding Plans & Reservations

SGCH Olentangy LSX Emerald 3*M  EX92 Mint*Leaf Darkstar Channing  DNA N/A N/A March 24, 2018
SG Olentangy Tumultuous Famke  VG89-FF  A/I *B Lacey Oak OC Ambition  DNA  THIS IS AN ALPINE BUCK $400 Experimental Kids Due June 2018 *
Olentangy Kobalt Smilin Gussie  A/I  FOR SALE +*B SG Kastdemur's SA Stingray  DNA  ELITE SIRE N/A N/A March 28, 2018
Olentangy Sin City Jewel  A/I +*B SG Rockin-CB RY Zoren  VG89  DNA $550 $550 Due August 2018
Olentangy Sin City Jolie  A/I

* = confirmed bred

Frozen Semen For Sale
[$100 minimum purchase to ship, cane splitting fee is $10 when purchasing LESS than 5 straws of the same buck]



Straw Price

++*B GCH Clovertop's Fire Storm VG85 [IMPROVES: rear udder height, medial support, reduces teat diameter]



 ++*B GCH Colquitt's Andretti  EX91 [IMPROVES: fore udder/lateral extension, toplines, dairiness, length of body, stature]



++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune EX90  [IMPROVES: stature, strength, front-ends]



+*B GCH Redwood Hills Lance Armstrong EX90 [IMPROVES: milk production, fore udders, teat placement, dairy character]



 *B CH Redwood Hills X Soul Searcher  EX91  [IMPROVES: rump width & levelness, mammary shape]



+*B SG Redwood Hills Tribute Synergy VG87 [IMPROVES: stature, overall size & scale, length of bone pattern, dairy character]



*B Olentangy Fiery Archer EX90 [IMPROVES: stature, rump angle, reduces teat diameter]



*B Olentangy Phenomenal Advantage [IMPROVES: rump angle, reduces teat diameter]



*B Olentangy Gene Therapy VG88 [IMPROVES: fore udders, rear udder height, teat placement]



*B Olentangy Yreka Alliance EX90 [IMPROVES: dairy character, rump angle, rear legs]



+*B SGCH Cherry Glen Handel Guy Noir VG89  ELITE SIRE [IMPROVES: dairy character, milk production]



Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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