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GCH Olentangy Guy Noir Cinnabarina 5*M

Born: 3/26/2005
Pictured as a 2nd freshening 2 Year-Old

     SS: +*B GCH Cherry Glen Aladdin Handel  EX92
Sire:  +*B SGCH Cherry Glen Handel Guy Noir  VG89
     SD: SGCH Cherry Glen Radical Gesture 3*M  EX93

     DS: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90
Dam: GCH Olentangy Fortune Cinabre 4*M  EX92

     DD: GCH Olentangy Fiery Cinnabar 3*M
           DDD: SGCH Olentangy Phenomenal Carnelian 2*M  EX91

Linear Appraisal:
Not Scored
1-03  176  1,050  41F  33P

Show Record:
2009 ADGA National Show 7th 4 Year-Old
2008 California State Fair 4-H Grand Champion
2007 California State Fair 4-H Best Udder in Show
2007 shown 6X:  3x GCH, 1x RGCH; 3x 1st, 2x 2nd
2007 ADGA National Show 9th 2 Year-Old
2006 All-American Milking Yearling
2006 California State Fair 3rd/1st Udder
2005 ADGA National Show 3rd Intermediate Kid
2005 All-American Intermediate Kid

BREEZY has a phenomenal mammary system that her doe line has become famous for. The Rob Withrow Family purchased her at the 2007 ADGA National Show and since she has had an impressive California showing. Congratulations Kayla!

                   age 2                                                        milking yearling      


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