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SG Olentangy Jaeger Ruby Cameo 7*M  A/I

Red Chamoisee                                     Born: 2/07/2013
Pictured as a Milking Yearling, May 2014

     SS:  ++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember
Sire: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Jaeger  EX91  ELITE SIRE
     SD: SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalya 4*M  EX92

     DS: *B CH Olentangy Trojan Hero  EX90
Dam: SGCH Olentangy Trojan Miss Ruby C 6*M  EX91
       DD: GCH Olentangy Snapple Corundum 5*M  EX90
         DDD: GCH Olentangy Fortune Cinabre 4*M EX92
GCH Olentangy Fiery Cinnabar 3*M EX90
             DDDDD: SGCH Olentangy Phenomenal Carnelian 2*M  EX91 

PTI:   +87  +91 ~ December 2014
ETA:  +63  -36  ~ November 2013
ETA:  +63  +11 ~ August 2013

Linear Appraisal:
1-06  VG87/V V V V
1-02  236  1,970  69F  57P 

Show Record:
Career:  1x RGCH
2014 shown 8X: 3x1st/1U, 2x 2nd, 2x 3rd, 1x 5th
~4th/3rd udder San Diego County Fair; Del Mar, CA
~5th milking yearling Washington State Fair

CAMEO is a stylish milking yearling with many similarities to her three milking sisters, and best of all, she sports the beautiful, Oberhasli, red family color! She has great depth & width for a young doe with an attractive, up-hill look and a beautifully, level rump.

As a kid in limited showing, she was once reserve junior champion at the Idaho Syringa over Memorial Day weekend (pictured below). Her senior doe debut was at the 2014 Lelia Berry Memorial where she was 1st/1st udder in all three rings. Her mammary has excellent, soft texture with ideal teat size & placement and a fore udder as impressive as any of her maternal sisters!

We look for her to mature similarly as her sisters MISS RUBY CHIP and CORRINDON...and that's a good thing when you consider their records & performance!



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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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