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Reference Bucks:

     +*B SGCH Cherry Glen Handel Guy Noir  VG89  DNA TYPED

     ++*B GCH Clovertop's Fire Storm  VG85  DNA TYPED

     ++*B GCH Colquitt's Andretti  EX91 DNA TYPED

     +*B Iroquois-KC Yreka Phenomenon  VG88

     *B CH Lacey Oak OC Ambition  VG88  DNA TYPED   Casein: E / F

     Marran Russian Reconnaissance  DNA TYPED   Casein: E / E

     +*B GCH Olentangy Andretti Accolade  DNA TYPED   Casein: E / F

     *B Olentangy Fiery Archer  EX90

     +*B GCH Olentangy Image Tungsten  EX91  DNA TYPED

     +*B Olentangy Lance Tahoma  EX91  2010 Spotlight Sale Consignment

     *B CH Olentangy Trojan Hero  EX90  DNA TYPED

     *B Olentangy X-Rated Rockstar  DNA TYPED     Casein: F / F

     ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90  DNA TYPED

     +*B GCH Redwood Hills Lance Armstrong  EX90  DNA TYPED

     +*B SG Redwood Hills Tribute Synergy  VG87  DNA TYPED

     *B CH Redwood Hills X Soul Searcher  EX91  DNA TYPED

A.I. Sires (Click here for a list of sires we are using through Artificial Insemination)

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