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++*B GCH Colquitt's Andretti

*B Colquitt's Andretti ~ age 3
photo courtesy of Linda Eder Colquitt ~ Colquitt's Alpines

Sundgau                                     Born: 4/16/2010 
Pictured is ANDRETTI at age 3      DNA TYPED; SQ

     SS:  ++*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution
Sire:  ++*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed  VG87

     SD:  SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M  EX93

     DS:  ++*B SG Cherry Glen TRI Mojave  EX91
GCH Colquitt's Vera 4*M
     DD:  GCH Colquitt's Karousel 3*M  EX90
         DDD:  SGCH Colquitt's Cassiopeia 2*M

PTI:    +14 +34 ~December 2020  PTI:    +4 +25 ~August 2018
PTI:      +6 +27 ~December 2017  PTI:  +14 +30 ~August 2017
ETA:     -14    -9 ~December 2016
ETA:     -19    -6 ~August 2016
ETA:    +26  -44 ~December 2014
ETA:    +40  -33 ~August 2014
ETA:    +51  -27 ~August 2013

Semen Available:  $125/straw, very low inventory as of May 2021
Linear Appraisal:
4-04  EX91/E E E
2-02  VG87/V V V
Show Record:
2014 Shown 3X: 1x BIS, 3x BOB, 3x GCH
2014 All-American 4 Year-Old

USDA Sire Summary:
D/AV  2,928  102F  84P  FS-87

ANDRETTI came to the herd in September 2013 with great thanks to Linda Colquitt for allowing him to come north. Linda's herd is iconic and ANDRETTI showcases her great Alpine talents. His pedigree combines all of the bloodlines that we have had success incorporating into our breeding program via AI.

ANDRETTI is incredibly tall & long...I know many people describe their animals as such; however, he redefines size & scale. Shown for the first time at age 4, he easily finished his championship with a Best in Show win at the Grants Pass, Oregon 'Mega Bucks' show where he was easily the longest & tallest in the show. His mature, four year-old appraisal session included EX scores in; head, front leg, feet, back & rump.  

His daughters had an impressive showing at the 2015 ADGA National Show; ARANY 2nd place junior kid, TANGE 2nd place senior yearling, COLQUE 4th/2nd udder milking yearling and he sired the 2nd place junior get-of-sire! We have now freshened 3 daughters and all have beautifully attached, show-quality mammary systems. We plan to increase our use of him this fall....we did and bred 4 does to him AI & all of them settled, it's great quality semen!



 ANDRETTI daughters

(age 2 in '13)

Sr Get-of-Sire 2014 Del Mar Fair

COLQUITT'S BRANDY (age 1 in '13)
5-04  EX91/VEEE
3-03  EX91/EEEE
1-06  VG88/VEEE

PTI: +33 +139...December 2020
TYPE PTA: +0.9...December 2020

GCH Colquitt's Vera 4*M
photo courtesy of Linda Eder Colquitt ~ Colquitt's Alpines

Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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