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GCH Olentangy WRW Amethyst 3*M

Born: 4/29/1995
Pictured as a 3-year-old, 2 freshenings

     SS: ++B Chateau de Ville's Renaissance
Sire: +*B Willow-Run Williamsburg
     SD: GCH Sweet Dreams Winning Colors 4*M

     DS: *B Iroquois-KC Sasin Es-Sell
Dam: Olentangy Es-Sell Tourmaline 2*M
     DD: GCH M&M Acres NR Topaz 1*M

PTI:   +11  +47

Linear Appraisal:
1998: 3-02  90/E E V E
1997: 2-01  86/V V V V
1996: 1-01 VG/V V +

2-11 263 2100 72f 3.4% 62p 3.0%
1-10 305 1700 61f 3.6% 51p 3.0%
Show Record:
Career: 2x BIS, 3x BOB, 9x GCH, 2x RGCH, 3x BU
1998 ADGA National Show 2nd/3rd Udder 3-Year-Old 
1998 Reserve All-American
1996 ADGA National Show 9th Senior Yearling

AMETHYST, my all-time favorite, is a very beautiful doe. She has outstanding general appearance and is one of my longest and tallest does. Her front end blending is near ideal and her topline is wide and level with a beautiful rump. She had an exciting year in '98, finishing her championship under Jennifer Bice at the Big BADGA weekend in New Castle, PA over 54 senior does. One week later, she was senior champion at the District IV Alpines International Specialty Show in Corunna, MI where her daughter by Phemomenon, Trina was junior champion with over 100 Alpines in the show! Just as impressive, at the ADGA National Show in St. Paul, MN she was second with third udder against 42 3 year-olds. She continued to have a successful season with two Best in Show wins and was first with first udder at the NAILE placing ahead of the doe that stood in front of her at the National Show.

In '99 she won two more championships and paired with Trina to win first dam & daughter at the Ohio State Fair where her produce of dam was also first. We can't seem to get any maternal granddaughters from her, so I have retained at least partial ownership in all her sons (Advantage, Therapy and Alliance) and am pleased with the style of this prepotent family.

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Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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