A.I. Sires
Sires we are currently using (in blue) or have successfully used (in red) in the past through Artificial Insemination. Sires listed here do not indicate that we have semen or are willing to sell any straws of semen from these bucks. While you are welcome to ask, don't be surprised if we do not have any straws of semen to part with as all of these bucks listed here we did not own as adult bucks!

++*B GCH Cherry Glen Radical Highlight  EX91
                           D/AV  2,338  89f  70p  FS-86     PTI: +37  +75     DNA TYPED     2002 Spotlight Sale Buck


Sire:  ++*B GCH Tempo Aquila Free Radical  VG87
                               2002 ADGA National Show 2nd Sr. Get-of-Sire & 1st Jr. Get-of-Sire
                               D/AV  2,708  98f  80p  FS-85;  PTI: +14 +91

Dam:  SGCH Cherry Glen T. Holly's Hope 2*M  EX92
                        2003 ADGA National Reserve Champion & Best Udder
                        2001 ADGA National Champion & Best Udder
                        2002 ADGA National Show 1st/1st Udder 4 Year-Old
                        2-11  305  3050  109f 3.6%;  PTI: +89 +129

Stature and style appear throughout HIGHLIGHT's pedigree which he passed on to our beautiful SGCH TENNANTITE.

+*B SG Cherry-Glen TRI Alice Allegory
                           D/AV  3,271  113F  90P  FS-87     PTI: +90 +151

              Sire: ++*B SGCH Tangleroot Royal Image  EX90
                                              D/AV  2,816  86F  71P  FS-86     PTI: 84 +159

Dam: SGCH Foxhaven Molhead Alice 1*M  EX92
                      1994 & 1996 ADGA Reserve National Champion   PTI: +20 +92

ALLEGORY represents the genetic lines that vaulted Diane Kirsch's Cherry Glen herd to national prominence. The IMAGE x ALICE cross was repeated three times resulting in famous genetic full siblings; INDIGO, ALIBI and ALADDIN.



++*B Clovertop's Samurai
1999 ADGA National Show 4th Senior Get-of-Sire, 2003 ADGA National Show 4th Junior Get-of-Sire
                      D/AV  2,496  90F 3.6%  74P 2.9%  FS-89     PTI: -54  -3

Sire:  ++*B SG Sempervirens Bing Cherry
                             D/AV  3,281  100F 3.0%  95P 2.9%  FS-86;  PTI: +20 +33

Dam:  GCH Clovertop’s Gene Sashay 2*M
                     2-01  305  2980  81f 2.7%

Maternal half brother to GCH FIRE STORM, SAMURAI sired beautifully uddered daughters at Redwood Hill dairy and is the sire of our beautiful GCH CHALCEDONY

+B GCH Clovertop's Snapple  EX93
            D/AV  2,650  97F 3.3%  80P 2.8%  FS-87     PTI: +13 +77     2005 ADGA National Show Premier Sire


Sire:  ++*B Sweet Dreams Wildfire
                      D/AV  FS-88

Dam:  Clovertop's Cherry Sorbet

SNAPPLE is a buck that made his mark in California through his beautiful daughters in the Sweet Dreams herd. His cross into my herd has been just as successful as GCH FIRE STORM's (paternal 1/2 brothers) as seen through SGCH TELLURIAN and GCH CORUNDUM who both finished as 2 year-olds in 2008.

++*B SG Granite-Oaks Sasin Savvy
                      D/AV  2,628  93F  74P  FS-87     PTI: +23 +117

Sire:  ++*B SG Sodium Oaks Sasin
                            D/AV  2,940  107F  82P  FS-85;  PTI: +80 +158

Dam:  Granite-Oaks Annie 2*M

SAVVY is FORTUNE's paternal grandsire and that was my main reason for wanting to incorporate him for added production components and dairy style. We were excited to learn that his daughter CH CALAMINE (a CHRYSTIN daughter) finished her championship in 2010 for our friends at Autumn Acres Alpines. We look forward to using SAVVY again in the future.


++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember
                       D/AV  2,997  111F  91P  FS-87     PTI: -66  -56

Sire:  ++*B SG Angel-Prairie Vega Vlaminck  VG88
                            D/AV  FS-84     ETA:  -48  +47

Dam:  GCH Qu'Appelle Supersonic Eclipse 4*M  EX92
PTI: -17  -44

EMBER brings some strong purebred genetics to our program from the famous Canadian dam-line bred by Geraldine Goodman. EMBER daughters at Redwood Hills were large, very dairy with outstanding toplines. His two famous daughters; SGCH Redwood Hills Ember Amicale and GCH Shining-Moon Sine Qua Non were the 2009 ADGA National Champion & Reserve respectively. I'm planning on breeding him to our shortest/smallest teat sized doe (he had some daughters with long teats in my judging experience) with hopes to get that beautiful silhouette of dairyness and levelness as a result. I've used son, JAEGER and grandson, X-RATED with success in the past, so I'm hoping for a doe kid to keep.

+*B SG Lacey Oak Avatar
                           D/AV  3,417  112F  112P  FS-89     PTI: +58  +64

Sire:  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Zodiac  VG87
                             D/AV 2,845  95F  86P  FS-88     PTI:  +3  -10

Dam:  SGCH Lacey Oak Avolyn 6*M  EX92
                    dam of CH Ambition, our Senior Herdsire

AVATAR is another up-and-coming American herdsire with first place daughters at the 2018 ADGA National Show in Columbus (milking yearling & 3 year-old) and their mammaries are outstanding! From ringside, they appear to have a lot of strength & substance with beautifully shaped udders. I've chosen to breed him to our WINTER line as I feel that will be a great compliment. He is the older brother to our herdsire AMBITION.

SGCH Marran Rose's Rochester
           2017 ADGA National Show 1st Sr. Get of Sire, 2nd Jr. Get of Sire, 2017 ADGA National Show Premier Sire
              D/AV  3,025  118F  97P     PTI: +42  +21     DNA TYPED     ELITE SIRE

Sire:  ++*B SG Sunshine Conina Condor  VG88
                            D/AV  2,076  82F  64P  FS-86;  PTI: +48 +59

Dam:  CH Marran Rapture's Rose
                  2013 ADGA National Show 2nd 4 Year-Old


ROCHESTER is a French buck making a big impact in the Midwest. His daughters have beautiful backs with wide loins and gorgeous, flat rumps! Their depth of body and correct front ends make him a strong outcross buck consideration. We showed against his daughters twice in 2017 at the ADGA National Show and the Minnesota State Fair where his consistent Get of Sire won showing beautiful mammary systems. We were hoping to add a ROCHESTER son to our herd in 2016 but that will have to wait for now.

++*B SGCH Milar Farm Royal Image  EX90
                 2007 & 2008 ADGA National Show 1st Sr. Get of Sire, Sire of the 2008 & 2013 ADGA National Champions
                      D/AV  2,638  93F  77P  FS-88     PTI: -8  +20     DNA TYPED     2000 Spotlight Sale Buck

Sire:  ++*B SGCH Cherry Glen TRI Alice Aladdin  EX91
                                  D/AV  2,300  77F  60P  FS-88;  PTI: +0 +47

Dam:  SGCH Exemplr Royal Ferina *M  EX92
                       2001 ADGA National Show 1st 7 Year-Old & Older
                       2000 ADGA National Show 7th 5-6 Year-Old
                       1998 ADGA National Show 9th 4 Year-Old
                       1997 ADGA National Show 6th 3 Year-Old
                       1996 ADGA National Show 6th 2 Year-Old
                       PTI: +86 +172


PRINCE is a 2000 Spotlight Sale buck that has lived up to his billing. He is the sire of the 1st place 4 Year-Old, 1st place 5-6 Year-Old and the 1st place Senior Get of Sire at the 2008 ADGA National Show including the 2008 ADGA National Champion....and then another daughter in 2013! His daughters improve each year with more maturity as seen in our GCH TEGRA who finished in 2010 as a four year-old.

+*B Olentangy OAA Chimay
            D/AV  3,433  117F  113P  FS-88; DNA TYPED, Parentage Qualified     G6S: N/N    PTI: -6 +32

           2019 ADGA National Show Premier Sire

Sire:  +*B GCH Olentangy Andretti Accolade  EX90
                       D/AV  2,482  85F  72P  FS-87;  DNA TYPED, Parentage Qualified, PTI: -6 +44

Dam:  SGCH Olentangy Lance Chrysocolla 5*M  EX93
                      2013 ADGA National Show Reserve Best Udder
                      2013 ADGA National Show 1st/1st udder 3 year-old
                      PTI: +33 +75


CHIMAY is a handsome, cou blanc that was sold to Redwood Hill Farm in 2016. He has beautiful style and correct general appearance. Every time a friend has seen him, they report back to me, "He is a really pretty buck!" I'm very excited about his future and couldn't be more pleased when looking at his planned breedings to see that he is being used on Redwood Hill's best. Without question, CHRYSOCOLLA has one of the most beautiful Alpine udders I have ever seen in my career, nearing perfection in fore udder attachment, rear udder width and teat size/placement/length/diameter. CHIMAY has huge hooves to fill being used in the herd that made PROFET, ODYSSEY, DYNAMIC, FREELANCE and X-RATED famous. I'm optimistic about his future daughters in California and looking forward to more CHRYSTIN/COLLA mammary aspects on my A and T lines. Thank you Jennifer & Scott Bice for making CHIMAY semen available so quickly for our use!

+*B SGCH Olentangy Fiery Aparition  EX90
               D/AV  2,401  80F  66P  FS-87     PTI: -10  +112


Sire:  ++*B GCH Clovertop's Fire Storm  VG85
                               D/AV  2,227  88F  68P  FS-87;  PTI: -28 +44

Dam:  GCH Olentangy Phenomenal Ametrine 4*M  EX91
                    2000 ADGA National Show 12th 3 Year-Old
                    1998 ADGA National Show 4th Senior Yearling & All-American
                    PTI: -22 +83


The breeding that produced APPY was repeated multiple times until it finally resulted in a doe, GCH ALMANDINE. Needless to say it was well worth the wait! APARITION was owned by my friends at Dardy Acres Alpines where he sired a consistent group of show winning daughters. Time has proven him to be the best FIRE STORM son that I ever produced. His daughter, SGCH OLENTANGY APARITION TELLURITE was 3rd place 4 year-old at the 2015 ADGA National Show and another daughter, TANTALITA was the National Junior Champion! We look forward to having even more daughters in the future!

+*B SG Olentangy Fortune Adventurer  EX90
                        D/AV  2,122  74F  58P  FS-87.3     PTI: +85  +148


Sire:  ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90
                             D/AV  2,303  91F  71P  FS-87;  PTI: -23 +47

Dam:  GCH Olentangy Fiery Adularia 5*M  EX92
                    2005 ADGA National Show 9th 4 Year-Old

ADVENTURER was the buck my friends at Dardy Acres Alpines didn't order, but I wanted them to have...so he was a surprise addition to their kennel when it arrived in Ohio in 2005! Time has proven him to be a good fit for their breeding program and others. His most famous daughter, SGCH HOANBU ADV PIXIE PINATA EX91 has an impressive midwestern show career with multiple National Show placings and the current proginator of their Alpine breeding program.

    ++*B SG Redwood Hills Jaeger  EX91  ELITE SIRE in 2018
                                    D/AV   3,042   98F  87P  FS-87     PTI:  +51  +25     DNA TYPED

              Sire:  ++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember
                                    D/AV  3,001  112F  91P  FS-87     PTI: -49  -48

Dam:  SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalya 4*M  EX92
                        2005 & 2007 ADGA National Champion     PTI: +124  +156

JAEGER is another buck with an impressive pedigree and progeny. Originally owned by Lauren Acton & now residing at UC Davis, he is the sire of the 1st place 5-6 year-old at the 2012 ADGA National Show and known to reliably improve milk production, dairy character & length of bone. His sire is the sire of both the Grand & Reserve Champion at the 2009 ADGA National Show...and of course his ever impressive dam, JAMBALYA herself was a two time National Champion. 

++*B Redwood Hills Kane Rainman
                   D/AV  2,796  98F 3.4%  79P 2.8%  FS-83     PTI: -12 +6

Sire:  ++*B SGCH New Era’s Kane  EX90
                                  D/AV  2,536  89F 3.5%  72P 2.8%  FS-85;  PTI: +4 +119
                                  1993 ADGA National Show Premier Sire

Dam:  Redwood Hills Sasin Rainbow 6*M
           1988 ADGA National Show 1st/1st Udder 2 Year-Old
           1-11  305  2830  124f 4.4%

One of many outstanding sires produced by Bice-Schack Farms, RAINMAN daughters are still some of my favorite Alpines of all-time. His type evaluation data may not be as impressive as other contemporary bucks; however, his best daughters were never linear appraised, yet his PTIs have increased year after year (12/2014 his type PTI is positive for the first time because of increased use). We love the twin daughters from CHRYSOCOLLA born in 2014. I'm hoping to have even more like our GCH TRAVERTINE and GCH TRILLIUM in the future.

+*B Redwood Hills Lance Jamboree  VG89
                D/AV  FS-87     ETA: +34 +25

Sire:  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91  DNA
                                  D/AV  3,225  113F  94P  FS-89;  PTI: -13 -30
                                  2009 ADGA National Show Premier Sire

Dam:  SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalya 4*M  EX92  DNA
                        2005 & 2007 ADGA National Champion     PTI: +111  +150

An outstanding FREELANCE son from the prolific "J-Line", JAMBOREE is a maternal 1/2 brother to JAEGER and the older, full brother to Spotlight Sale buck, JUSTICE. JAMBOREE was owned by Pam Frederic and I have been fortunate to both judge and appraise her herd and some of his daughters.  I've been impressed with the strengths in rump, size and mammary systems and hoping to incorporate JAMBALYA's topline & dairy strength into the herd through some daughters in the future.

++*B SG Redwood Hills Savvy Journey 
                      D/AV   2,905   102F  82P  FS-89     PTI:  +94  +153

              Sire:  ++*B SG Granite-Oaks Sasin Savvy
                                           D/AV  2,628  93F  74P  FS-87     PTI: +23  +117

Dam:  Redwood Hills Rainman Sojourn 6*M
           1997 Sonoma County Fair Best Senior Doe in Show

JOURNEY is a buck that has intriguing evaluation data (honestly, I don't know why more Alpine breeders haven't used this buck in their AI breeding programs) and is the sire of FORTUNE. His daughters at Redwood Hills were sound and productive, many have been the proginators for some of their current, best does. We look for him to provide stature, length of body and beautiful, wide rumps as we concentrate on our FORTUNE line. We are very pleased with his 2016 milking yearling daughter CHAMPIONCHIP who was 2nd/2nd udder @ the Washington State Fair.

++*B SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro 
                        D/AV  2,657  94f  78p  FS-86     PTI: +71  +141
                       1998 ADGA National Show Premier Sire; 1993, 1997 & 1998 ADGA National Show 1st Senior Get of Sire
                       Sire of the 1998 ADGA Reserve National Champion, the 2001 ADGA National Champion & 2003 ADGA Reserve National Champion

Sire: ++*B SG Shahena'ko W Sumo
                            D/AV  2,626  100f  75p  FS-81;  PTI: +100 +144

Dam: GCH Shahena'ko S Tierra 3*M  EX91
                      1987 ADGA National Champion
                      1985 ADGA National Champion
                      LIFE  1,627  15,880  3.5% 563f

TIERRO daughters are known for their outstanding production that is reflective of his pedigree. He has also sired numerous high caliber daughters including SGCH Walnut Fork T Kenya and SGCH Cherry Glen T. Holly's Hope.

++*B SG Shahena'ko Z Beaux  EX90
                                 D/AV  3,138  110F  90P  FS-85     PTI: +85  +113
                               Sire of numerous Top Ten does

Sire: ++*B SG Sweet Dreams CDR Zenith
                            D/AV  2,457  89F  72P  FS-83;  PTI: -5 +33...littermate to GCH Sweet Dreams CDR Romance

Dam: SGCH Shahena'ko Sumo Elysia 2*M  VG89
                      PTI: +142  +188

ZBO daughters were famous ADGA Top Ten production award winners for Pat Morford's Three Ring Farm in the 1990's. His type evaluation data has incredible reliability and outstanding D/AV in many traits (specifically the 30+ first 5) that I'm surprised more serious breeders haven't used him in the past decade. We haven't forgotten what he can do and are pleased to finally have secured some semen to use...and we got two does from the breeding!

*B Shining-Moon Lucchese
               Thank you Rebecca Kracker of Lacey Oak Alpines for allowing me to use this promising junior herdsire!

Sire: *B Redwood Hills T Renaissance  2-00 87/V V E; ETA: +44 +24
               SD:  SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M  EX93, 2012 National Champion & Best Udder

Dam: GCH Olentangy Speeding Austinia 8*M EX91
                   2019 ADGA Reserve National Champion
                   2016 ADGA Spotlight Sale Doe; PTI: +14 +42 

LUKE has all the right players in his pedigree for a young buck to use in my program. RIMA is one of the strongest general appearance Alpine does of the last 15 years. RENAISSANCE's paternal granddam is SGCH Olentangy Rainman Trillium, a TRONA granddaughter! And of course, our famous OBIE as his dam rounds out LUKE's exciting pedigree. We drove down to California in the fall to use him & it was worth the trip as the first kid of 2020 was a doe! I hope to be able to use him again in the future via AI.

++*B Shining-Moon X-Rated
                      D/AV  2,854  103F  85P FS-89   PTI: -92 -46   DNA TYPED    2012 & 2015 ADGA National Show Premier Sire

Sire: ++*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution
                     D/AV FS-87;
ETA: -16 +18

Dam: GCH Shining-Moon Sine Qua Non 4*M EX93
                   2009 ADGA Reserve National Champion & Reserve Best Udder
                   LIFE 1,710 21,240 655f 669p; PTI: -100 -74 

X-RATED is the sire of the 1st place milking yearling & 1st place 2 year-old at the 2010 ADGA National Show...and they have only gotten better with age and maturity as seen at the 2012 ADGA National Show where he sired the first place 2 year-old and 3 year-old National Champion & Best Udder. Not to be outdone, in 2015 he was Premier sire again with multiple class winning daughters all with outstanding rumps & length of body. Owned by Redwood Hill, they indicate he has been most successful when bred to their FREELANCE daughters...and we have followed suit...and the results have been just as good with GCH CHIPPENDALE and GCH TEMIR!

++*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed  VG87
                                 D/AV  3,083  106F  90P  FS-87     PTI: +15  +19     DNA TYPED

Sire: ++*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution
                     D/AV FS-87; ETA: -9 +31

Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M  EX93
                      2007 ADGA National Show 2nd/2nd udder 3 Year-Old
                      LIFE  2,050  16,380  3.6%  590F; PTI: +84 +77

SPEED is the buck that I would have gotten if my deposit were one hour earlier at the 2006 California State Fair! Instead I had to wait a few years later for SYNERGY. SEBASTIENNE was a gorgeous doe in all aspects and this son certainly has thrown beautiful daughters in the Hoach/Brandt herd and now Soldier Mountain where he last resided. A paternal 1/2 brother to X-RATED, we plan to use him on our FREELANCE daughters in the coming years with our SGCH TIMANTTI and 2016 Spotlight Sale doe, GCH AUSTINIA, the 2019 ADGA National RGCH as promising examples.

++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance  EX91
                        D/AV  3,240  113f  94p  FS-89     PTI: -11  -29     DNA TYPED
                               2009 ADGA National Show Premier Sire, 2010 & 2009 ADGA National Show 1st Sr Get of Sire & 2013 2nd Sr Get of Sire

Sire: ++*B SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image  EX90
                                D/AV  2,638  93f  77p  FS-88;  PTI: +7 +39;  DNA TYPED
                                2008 & 2007 ADGA National Show 1st Sr. Get-of-Sire

Dam: GCH des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker 4*M  EX92
                    1999 ADGA National Show 1st/1st Udder 4 Year-Old
                    LIFE  1,337  11,700  3.9% 454F  3.0% 350P; PTI: -11  +6

The Alpine world hasn't been this excited about a buck since 1985 when we were introduced to SASIN at the Oklahoma City National Show. Twenty five years later, FREELANCE's daughters were the rave at the Sacramento and Louisville National Shows. I too must say, The Rave is well deserved. He has improved our best does as seen in SGCH CHRYSOCOLLA, SGCH TEEPLEITE, SGCH TELLUROCKER and GCH RUBY CHIP. LANCE was owned by Redwood Hill Farm and bred by Dr. Lauren L Acton, DVM, the current forces in the Alpine breed today.


+*B SG Tempo Aquila Handyman  ELITE SIRE in 2019
                     D/AV  3,131  109F  93P  FS-86     PTI: +61  +7     DNA TYPED

Sire: ++*B GCH Roeburn's Legacy  
                              D/AV  3,225  104F  99P  FS-88;  PTI: -3 -13;  DNA TYPED

Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Freehand 6*M  EX92
                    2015 ADGA National Show 2nd/2nd Udder 4 Year-Old
                    LIFE  1,194  13,530  3.2% 428F  2.7% 369P; PTI: +96  +95

HANDY is currently the only collected son from FREEHAND and thus, the only avenue to incorporate her into our breeding program. I had a buck kid deposit on her for 3 years and when she didn't recover from kidding in the spring of 2018, I quickly secured semen from her only, (known) available son. I might hoard that semen and just drive down to Dr. Acton's and breed a few does live service as I really want to incorporate FREEHAND's awesome general appearance in length & strength of back & rump. She was a fabulous doe and it is our collective American Alpine breeding's loss to not have more sons to use to glean those traits-out. HANDY daughters are already showing that he can transmit those great traits being a Superior Genetic & ELITE sire already at age 4.


++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack  EX91
                        D/AV  2,947  99F  85P  FS-88     2013 ADGA National Show Premier Sire     PTI: +34  +29     DNA TYPED

Sire: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Journey Fortune  EX90
                           D/AV  2,716  107F  84P  FS-89;  PTI: +35 +64;  DNA TYPED

Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tokay 5*M  EX93
                    2008 ADGA National Show 1st/1st Udder 4 Year-Old & ADGA National Champion
                    LIFE  1,321  13,930  3.5% 485F  2.9% 398P; PTI: +74  +131

JACK is one of the country's leading American sires with three champion daughters in the Tempo herd at age two, one that went on to become the ADGA Reserve National Champion & Best Udder at age 3...and then later the 2015 National Champion and then highest linear appraising doe of any breed, ever, at EX95!! We have finished two 2 year-olds ourselves and easily decided that we could use a few more that look like GCH ADELITE! His daughters are long-bodied with beautiful high and wide rear udder attachments. Our thanks to Lauren L. Acton, DVM for allowing us to continually use JACK via natural service & AI.


+*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer  VG89
                       D/AV  2,385  88F  72P  FS-85     2014 & 2016 ADGA National Show Premier Sire     PTI: -112  -32     DNA TYPED

Sire: ++B Iron Rod ET Sheriff  VG86
                  D/AV  2,478  99F  76P  FS-88;  PTI: -8 +43

Dam: SG Angel-Prairie Dutch Cinnamon 4*M  EX91
                 2010 ADGA National Show 1st Produce of Dam; PTI: -31  +78

CHARMER is the current French Alpine herdsire of note with daughters having an impressive showing at the 2014 ADGA National Show (2nd milking yearling, & 2nd place 3 year-old owned by PJ-Bailey's). Full brother to GCH Windrush Farms Corriander 5*M EX92, GCH Windrush Farms IRS Nutmeg 5*M EX92 (2nd/1st U @ 2012 ADGA National Show) and GCH Windrush Farms IRS Saffron 5*M EX92 (4th/2ndU @ 2012 ADGA National Show) all have impeccable toplines and rumps. It's time we tried an outcross to gain improvements in rump angle, CHARMER's daughter average is 33.1 RA with a +3.5 PTA, we'll take those odds!


*B Willow Run Apache Reed
           D/AV  FS-87     ETA: -62  -52

Sire: +*B Willow-Run Apache
                  D/AV  2,296  77f  68p  FS-86;  PTI: -95 -89

Dam: GCH Goose Crossing Real Love 6*M  VG88
                    1999 ADGA National Champion
                    LIFE  1,683  10,360  402f  367p;  PTI: +3  +72
REED represents a combination of the Ohio genetics of Deborah Larkin (Goose-Crossing), Barbara Swayne (Maple Glen) and Bill & Betty Capp (Abundance) all brought together by Willow Run Dairy. During my short tenure at Willow Run, REAL LOVE was my favorite Alpine to show. REED's pedigree contains two ADGA National Champions in REAL LOVE and ANGELA as well as others who were even better in their day.


Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA
E-mail: markbaden@olentangyalpines.com

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