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2017 ADGA Senior National Champion SGCH Olentangy Lance Teepleite 4*M 2017 ADGA Junior National Champion

2017, what a year!

Download our 2017-2018 Herd Brochure here! (Coming Soon!)


hank you for your interest in my herd of American Alpines. I have been selectively breeding Olentangy dairy goats for the past 36 years, and prior to that under the prefix, M&M ACRES. My mother purchased my first ADGA registered goat in 1982 and every doe in the herd descends from that first 4-H kid. Our first herd name, M&M Acres translated as “Mom & Me” or “Margaret & Mark”...those were fun days. The herd name changed in 1992 when I obtained my ADGA judges license to the current prefix. OLENTANGY is an Algonquin Indian name meaning 'River of Red Face Paint'. The Olentangy river flows through central Ohio and The Ohio State University, from where I am a proud alumnus. My current herd consists of 30 American Alpines and 5 LaManchas that I assist my partner John to manage. The herd relocated 2,400 miles from Northwest Ohio to Western Washington in April 2001 where our Western home has the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Rainier, the iconic image of the state.

Over the past 36 years of involvement in caprine culture, we participate in ALL ADGA programs available: DNA typing (every buck we have owned), Classification (back in 1987), Linear Appraisal (24 times including the past 18 consecutive years), production testing; Standard DHIA Testing and Advanced Registry. I have also been fortunate to exhibit at 13 ADGA National Shows in '94, '96, '97, ’98, '00, '03, ‘05, ’07, '09, '12, '13, '15 and 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin to gauge our performance and compare directly with other Alpine breeding programs. 2017 has been another busy year, while only showing at six venues, we have faced quality competition at each show, and still finishing three, new champions. Our 18th consecutive Linear Appraisal session was in late June 2017. We have a current herd average of 89.8 with a range of 85 - 93 including all yearlings and bucks. In production, we've made DHI Provo's list of Top Herds in the country with a rolling herd average of 3,142 pounds, that's our highest herd average ever!

The herd’s 2017 titles included: 13 x GCH, 5 x RGCH, 2 x BOB and 8 BIS awards, with 9 different animals winning official ADGA qualifying legs and, THREE newly finished champions in TIMANTTI, ARANY, and ACCOLADE. The 2017 ADGA National Show in Madison, Wisconsin was an incredible showing for us winning 7 individual doe classes, 6 group classes, Junior National Champion in both LaMancha & Alpine and an unexpected Alpine National Grand Champion title for WINTER...a week we will never forget! We also continued our annual distance State Fair exhibition to the incredible Minnesota State Fair where we had Best Udder in Show, Best Junior Doe in Show & Supreme Dairy Herd in Show. We were thrilled to be awarded Premier Breeder & Exhibitor at the ADGA National Show and the Minnesota & Washington State Fairs. Our plans for 2018 include; annual CAE testing, continued DNA Typing (our goal is 100% herd Parentage Verification by 2018), DHIR standard testing, Linear Appraisal Scoring, returning home to attend the Columbus, Ohio ADGA National Show as well as other regional shows including ANOTHER new State Fair exhibition (stay tuned!), we can't wait!

We follow a CAEV prevention program with testing through WSU/VMP every year, the herd tested 100% negative most recently on 3/05/2017, and we test EVERY animal that is over 8 months old, every year. In 2018 many kids will be dam raised. While my herd has been CAE negative for over two decades, I understand that some customers prefer their new purchases be raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk or milk replacer. This is an option for an additional $150. To reserve your Olentangy kid, a $100 deposit is required with remaining balance due within 14 days of notification of birth. We ask that you pick a first and second kid choice in the event that your 1st choice is not available so your needs can still be met. If we are unable to fill your order or the animal does not meet our standard of quality, this deposit may be transferred to another animal or semen, but deposits along with any monies paid on cancelled orders are not refunded. Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked-up or shipped no older than 45 days of age, boarding fees will apply after that age. Health certificates (in 2017 averaged $50-85), crates (depending on size needed range from $75-$110) and airline shipping fees (we prefer United Airlines, $325-$375 depending on kennel & content's weight) must be paid in full before shipping. We reserve the option to purchase 20 units of semen for the cost of collection on all bucks sold.


Again, thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy our site!


IT TAKES A VILLAGE...and you never know who you will meet along the way or where the journey will take you next.
We are so fortunate to always find friends willing to help and share our success.


Mark V. Baden
Tacoma, Washington  USA

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